Tickets Available Online

Tickets for the Green Jelly, Nim Vind, Negative Earth show are now available online as well as from the band.

Get tickets HERE

How we settle our differences - Shot by Rock It Photography

How we settle our differences – Shot by Rock It Photography

Green Jelly Show

We are honoured to have the opportunity to open for these two great bands!  Green Jelly is confirmed for a show in Calgary, Alberta this April 2015.  Touring with them is Vancouver based Nim Vind.  Both such solid acts.  Tickets on sale soon!  Check out the event HERE!Green Jelly 2015

Vulgar Love Stories

We are excited to play this event!  Limited amount of tickets available.  Come get bloody.

Live @ Dickens

Negative Earth Featured in ART KATALYST Magazine

A loud and obnoxious shout out to Rock It Photography and the crew at the Art Katalyst for featuring Negative Earth in the February issue.  It is an honour to be inside of this.  Cover to cover filled with stunning art and photography.  If you have not got a copy yet, we suggest you do.  Check it!

Art Katalyst 

Rock It Photography 

Art Katalyst

Sunday of Sin

A very fun way to kick off 2015!  We played the first show of the year at Morgan’s Pub with two killer bands.  Check out some photos of the night.

Photo’s here

Live @ Morgan's

First Show of 2015

We decided to accept a show slot at Morgan’s Pub.  Great way to shake off the dust.  We will be playing with two great acts from Calgary.  Painted Glass and Lucid.  Mark your calendars and come out for a night of some killer rock music.

Negative News

A positive update to begin a new year.  After finishing off 2014 with a few obstacles, we have taken time to rest and take care of each other.  With that being said, we have been very active with the writing stages for our follow up album.  As we are writing/recording, we are getting back into playing a few live shows.  We are positively charged with the new material and a few other things that we will release in the near future.   Now that the ball is rolling again, we will continue to update more often and give you a taste of what is to come.  Stay tuned for more.

Interview with Hazzardous Materials

Fun interview with Hazzardous Materials feat. Lexx Mortis.

YouTube Preview Image


Last  month we have made some changes within the band.  We said goodbye to Ali Gory as he just did not have the time to commit with us any longer, and shortly after we let Cohven Rigs go for personal reasons to face.  Esther, Seth Derain and myself, Trev Kill, feel good about our decision and we are still pressing on strong.  We have had great feedback from people expressing interest in filling the open positions in the band and we are currently meeting them to discuss our options.  We have begun to write more and shape the new sound for the new album.  As we are not playing any shows at the moment, we are taking our time with our decisions and writing new material.  We will be releasing a short teaser when we feel it is ready, as well as introducing who ever fills the new line up.  Stay tuned for our progress.  Great changes are coming.Evolution

The Takeaway Video Premiere

Negative Earth - The Takeaway Video Premiere

Negative Earth has made it into their first movie.  We had the pleasure of attending the launch last week to see the film on the big screen.  6 songs off Antithesis were used in the feature film and were placed perfectly.  It seemed every scene of violence, aggression or car chase Negative Earth was loud and intense.  We would like to thank our producer Myron Wegner for the solid album, and Darren Gilbert for lining this up to give us the opportunity to have us on the movie soundtrack.  When the movie is released to public we will post details on where to see it.